1. Click on "Registrieren" (register)

2. The policy has two options: "Ich bin mit diesen Bedingungen einverstanden" stands for "I accept the rules", the second option is to decline. Chose the first one to move forward.

3. The registration form pops up:

Benutzername = User name
E-Mail Adresse = Your e-Mail address
Bestätigung der E-Mail Adresse = Repeat your e-Mail address
Passwort = Password (needs to have at least 6 and a maximum of 30 letters)
Bestätigung des Passworts = Repeat your password
Sprache = Language
Zeitzone = Time zone

Bestätigungscode = Code of certification (just fill in the letters/numbers from the picture)

4. Click on "Absenden" (submit).


5. You gonna receive a certification link via e-Mail. The automatically generated e-Mail will be send from Please check your Spam/Junk-Mail.

Just click on the link to become a member of this lovely place.



This message board is pretty new, so you might come across some bugs - if so, please report them with either a comment in the 'New board thread' ( or write the staff members (u can find them by clicking on "Das Team" above "Olympia 2008" or click here: a Private Message (also called PN).



You can change the board language to English (if you haven't done this at the registration):

- Click on "Persönlicher Bereich" (User Control Panel) which is on the right, below the header.
- Click on "Einstellungen" (Board preference)
- You can now change the language from "Deutsch (Du)" to "British English" at 'Meine Sprache' (My Language)

- Please only post in English and German in order to ensure everybody can understand and participate in the discussion.



Please note:

1. It's not allowed to post video clips/pictures containing soccer.

2. It's not allowed to post video clips/pictures from TV shows/TV recordings.

3. Direct links to music clips are only allowed if these clips are hosted at YouTube. Only YouTube has an agreement with the German GEMA (MCPS in Great Britain, BMI/ASCAP in the United States)

What to do if you want to share a video clip/picture you just found?
- Please post an advice to find the clip/picture - like "you can find the clip by searching for X at Y"

Are there any exceptions?
- Yes. If the holder of the copyright did either upload the content himself or gave permission to the uploader. Please only post the direct link if you are sure about the copyright situation of a clip/picture.

If you come across a rule violation, please use the !-button to report it. You help the team and protect the site.



If there are particular members that bother you and you do not want to see their posts, then you can add these members to your 'Ignore List'. There are several ways to do this:

Through the User List (Mitglieder):

- search for the User and click on his name to open his profile

- click "Add to ignore list" (Zu den ignorierten Mitgliedern hinzufügen) option below his username.

- a question to confirm the actual adding to your Ignore-List pops up, click "Ja" (yes) to confirm.

Through the Comment:

- the following link provides a guide to add a User to your Ignore List through a comment posted by him:

The description is currently only available in German, but the pictures say more than thousand words.



- just add him to your Ignore List AND report him to the staff by using the "!-Button" in one of the Troll's posts.

- please do not pay any further attention to those guys and don't reply to their posts. That's what they want - they gonna leave if they don't get the attention they are looking for.



Netiquette (Last Update: July 1st, 2008)

1. Violations against the rules of can result in warnings and permanent bans.

a. Respect each other. Discussions and different point of views are normal - but please argue with respect. Stay to facts and be as objective as possible. Insults, provocations, discriminations and slander comments against other users, persons who are not involved in the discussion as well as persons who do not participate in this board (third parties) are not allowed.

b. Please keep the board clean. Don't spam it with useluss junk. Think about the content before you actually write a post. Please use the Search Function to look for similar content before you open a thread.

c. Take some seconds to check with the Search Function (board) as well as search engines regarding an answer to a question you might have before you post that question. Repeatedly asking the same questions, especially if they have been answered a lot of times before, is not loved by the user family.

d. Links to commercial websites and content is only allowed if it's on-topic and if it provides serious and helpful information for the users during a discussion.

The only exception is the Off Topic Thread "Werbung hier!" (Advertisement here) where you can post commercial links and advertise products.

e. Posting articles published by online media (newspapers etc.) is limited. You are only allowed to post a part of the article because of copyright reasons. Please just quote the important facts/lines. Links to articles are allowed.

2. Please contact the board staff if you encounter a violation against these rules. Just click on the exclamation mark-button which is on the right at every post.

3. The Netiquette gets changed and modified/expanded if needed. Please check back regularly for modifications.

Thanks. Your staff.

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